Automate Your Smart Home

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with the first ever room-level person-specific occupancy sensor

Your Smart Home, Personalized.


Works with



Patented Technology

RoomMe’s patented technology tracks room entry of smart phones to automatically personalize the room for it’s occupants

Occupancy Sensor +

It just seems like it.

Unique Profiles

Why waste electricity powering rooms you’re not in?


It's not magic.

User ID and user room location are not sent to the cloud.

It’s like Netflix profiles, but for your home settings.


Conserve Energy

Android and iOS SDKs available for 3rd party integrations.

In addition to everything an occupancy sensor does, RoomMe™ comes with personalized room controls.

Unlike other occupancy sensors that are useless without a SmartHome system, RoomMe™ is a stand-alone solution based on a sensor and APP. It converts any Smart Phone to one’s personal Smart Home controller.



Does it need a Smart Home hub?

Smart Home Systems

Integrated Presence Detection

Continuous motion required

Presence Detection Method

RoomMe Does What the Others Can’t.

Can Distinguish Between People  

Smart Phone Room Entry Detection by Bluetooth Low Energy

Can prioritize room control between present people

Can Distinguish Between People

Human Room Presence Detection by Body Motion

Presence Continuity

As long as Smart Phone is in the room

No. It uses your smartphone to control the system

Make your home a

living experience.

RoomMe is now LIVE on Indiegogo.

Secure yours at Early Bird pricing.

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